Best Loan Apps In Pakistan 2024 | Top Loan Apps In Pakistan

Here is a key summary of the top 3 best loan apps in Pakistan:

  • Paisayaar-Loan App: Offers quick and efficient loans up to PKR 25,000 with a high annual profit rate of 219%. The repayment period is a brief 30 days with no processing fees.
  • SmartQarza Loan App: Provides flexible loans ranging from PKR 2,000 to PKR 25,000 with low interest rates. Ideal for repeat users with higher amounts and longer terms.
  • Barwaqt Loan App: Offers versatile loans up to PKR 25,000 with daily markup rates. Repayment tenure extends up to a convenient 90 days, including any extensions.


The following is a detailed comparison table of the Paisayaar-Loan App, SmartQarza Loan App, and Barwaqt Loan App, that would help you select the best option right by your needs:

Feature/CriteriaPaisayaar Loan AppSmartQarza Loan AppBarwaqt Loan App
Loan Amount RangePKR 500 – PKR 25,000PKR 2,000 – PKR 25,000PKR 600 – PKR 25,000
Interest RateAnnual profit rate: 219%Low interest (specific rates not provided)Daily markup rate: 0.067% – 0.56%
Repayment Period30 daysVaries, higher amounts and longer terms for repeat usersUp to 90 days (including extended loan)
Processing FeeNoneNo hidden feesOne-time processing fee
Total Repayment AmountPKR 29,500 for a PKR 25,000 loan (includes markup)Not specifiedDepends on daily markup rate and loan amount
Cooling-off Period24 hoursNot specifiedNot specified
Eligibility Criteria– 18 years or older
– Stable income
– Good credit history
– 18 years or older
– Pakistani citizen
– Monthly income
– 18-60 years old
– Pakistani citizen
– Monthly income
Application Process– Download app
– Register
– Provide info
– Submit request
– Notification within hours
– Direct bank transfer
– Download app
– Register
– Fill forms
– Submit
– Instant disbursement
– Download app
– Register
– Provide details
– Submit
– Approval notification
Disbursement MethodDirectly to bank accountDirectly to the bank accountDirectly to the bank account
Repeat Loan BenefitsNot specifiedHigher amount, longer term, lower fees for repeat usersNot specified
PlatformMobile applicationMobile applicationMobile application
Additional ServicesNoneNoneNone
Penalty for Late PaymentAs per SECP directivesNot specifiedPenalty charged after due date
TransparencyClear terms are provided in the appNo hidden feesDirectly to the bank account
Ease of UseEasy, user-friendly interfaceEasy, user-friendly interfaceEasy, user-friendly interface
Table: Comparison of instant loan apps in Pakistan

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